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Empower your message with clarity. Strengthen your statements with facts. Communicate your values with confidence.

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Sage Editing & Research Services can help you meet your editing, research, or consulting needs. As a published author, editor, and research analyst, I bring proven experience and a talent for organizing both data and words into a meaningful narrative, so you can more easily and effectively

Show how your business values and practices have a positive social impact
Access, aggregate, and analyze the data you need to make your decisions or support your cause
Get clear on your information gathering strategies
Express your message clearly through error-free, crystal clear writing

Check out the Services and Fees  page for an overview of the services and special packages I offer. Contact me for a free half-hour consultation to discuss the scope and purpose of your project, and find out how I can help you get your project back on track with professional, quality results. For projects with tight timelines or same day service, send an email with high priority delivery.

Discover how I can help your small or microbusiness become (more) socially responsible. If you are an avid DIY-er, you might enjoy reading about the strategies outlined in my book (2012, Night Owls Press), written for microentrepreneurs with a DIY spirit and a yearning to become (more) socially responsible in their business practices. Although the book is currently not available, you can find excerpts of the main themes and strategies on my blog, Sage Wit.

A quick note on information privacy: Unless you choose to subscribe to my blog or to contact me about about a project, I do not automatically collect information about visitors to this website. I also do not use cookies on this site.

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