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"My life is my message." (Mahatma Gandhi)

While Mohandas (Mahatma) K. Gandhi is best known for his leadership role in achieving Indian independence, he was also a prolific writer and a great communicator. He repeatedly captivated audiences with the truth and clarity of his message which he delivered with sincerity, simplicity and conviction. Gandhi was also an informal social researcher who engaged in a long term participant observer experiment in living according to the principles of "satyagraha" (holding to Truth).

If you've found this page, I'm guessing that unlike Gandhi you might be experiencing some major word-crafting woes or information gathering conundrums that have temporarily stopped you in your tracks. You want to share your truth and insight through a message that engages readers through clear, compelling and credible writing.  You want to find the facts that show how your services and products contribute to positive changes in the world--whether that's at an individual, community or global level.

Do you resonate with any of the following scenarios?

If research and editing tasks are overwhelming you or preventing you from meeting important goals, why not hand them over to me and I'll find a solution for you. I'll work with you to help you (1) find the most effective way to gather and organize the information you need and (2) empower the clarity of your message with writing that is

Germane, and

I bring more than 20 years of research experience, a sure-fire ability for quickly and accurately identifying clients' information needs and priorities, a friendly yet respectful and professional attitude, and a passion for ensuring that your project is cheerfully completed on time and within your budget.

Contact me at susan_chambersATsdc-sage-editingDOTcom
for a free half hour consultation to discuss the scope and purpose of your project. To learn what others have to say about working with me, you can read their testimonials.

Are you looking for ideas on how to get past your writer's block? Are you searching for ways to make small but sustainable changes to help make the world a better place? Would you like to learn how to think critically or be your own best advocate? If so, you might enjoy checking out my blog Sage Wit

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